The Best SEO AI Tools

The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for online success cannot be overstated. 

As the lifeblood of website visibility, SEO is the ultimate key to unlocking your website’s potential. It helps you in driving organic traffic to your digital doorstep. 

An ever-growing number of websites are vying for top spots on search engine results pages. The need for intelligent SEO strategies has become paramount.

Enter the exciting realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has emerged as a game-changer in the SEO world.

AI-powered tools are revolutionizing how businesses optimize their websites. It offers cutting-edge solutions to enhance search engine performance and stay ahead of the curve. 

This fusion of AI and SEO has led to a new generation of tools. It harnessed the power of advanced algorithms to analyze and predict search engine behavior. Also, it streamlines content creation and optimizes the user experience.

Let’s delve into the world of the best SEO AI tools that promise to elevate your online presence and bolster your digital marketing strategy. 

We aim to provide you with an insightful guide. This will cover the most innovative and effective AI-driven SEO tools. You can use this to make informed decisions and leverage the power of AI to propel your website to the top of search engine rankings.

Understanding the Basics of SEO AI Tools

SEO AI tools are a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. These are designed to help improve your website’s search engine rankings.

By automating several processes, these advanced tools offer functionality and benefits that are hard to achieve with manual SEO techniques.

At their core, SEO AI tools are systems that harness the power of AI. These tools analyze, predict, and suggest improvements that boost your site’s visibility and rankings.

AI SEO tools come packed with features that make optimizing your site easier. They offer 

    • keyword research

    • content generation

    • backlink analysis

    • and other essential SEO functions

AI-powered SEO ranking tools can save time. It helps you make data-driven decisions and ultimately enhances your website’s performance.

Why Use SEO AI Tools?

Incorporating AI tools in SEO has become more crucial than ever in today’s digital landscape. 

Here are three key reasons to consider using AI SEO tools:

1. Time Efficiency

Manually performing SEO tasks can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. SEO AI tools help automate various processes. This can free up your time for other important tasks. 

2. Data-driven Insights

AI SEO tools are built to provide accurate, data-driven insights. This helps you make informed decisions for your website. 

Using machine learning algorithms, these tools can analyze vast amounts of data. It offers precise recommendations to improve your site’s SEO. 

As a result, you can better understand your target audience. You can also optimize your content strategy and stay ahead in the competitive SEO world.

3. Competitive Advantage

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead is crucial. By leveraging AI-powered SEO tools, you can gain a competitive edge. You can do this by identifying emerging trends and understanding the strategies of your competitors. By then, you will start implementing effective SEO techniques. 

Top SEO AI Tools to Enhance Your Strategy

AI-powered SEO tools can differentiate between an average website and a top-performing one. 

Here are the best AI SEO tools perfect for your SEO strategy to the next level.

Content Optimization Tools

Creating optimized, high-quality content is crucial for website visibility and rankings. The following AI SEO tools will help you achieve content optimization effortlessly.

1. SurferSEO

SurferSEO is an AI-powered SEO website ranking tool. It specializes in content optimization. 

It provides content and SERP analysis, keyword suggestions, and real-time recommendations. All of this helps improve your content’s SEO performance. 

SurferSEO enables you to craft data-driven content that ranks higher in search engines.

Users commend its ease of use and data-backed recommendations for content improvement.

SurferSEO offers several benefits: 

    • Data-driven content: SurferSEO optimization provides a roadmap for creating or modifying content to align with search engine expectations, improving the chances of ranking higher. 

    • Content editor: The SurferSEO Content Editor offers real-time optimization suggestions as you write, ensuring your content is optimized.

    • SERP Analyzer: SurferSEO’s SERP Analyzer allows businesses to study the top-ranking pages for a specific keyword, providing insights into factors contributing to their success. This information can be used to identify opportunities to outrank competitors by addressing gaps in their content or strategy.

    • Keyword Research: SurferSEO’s keyword research tool helps businesses uncover relevant and profitable keywords based on search volume, competition, and user intent. This allows for creating content that targets the most valuable keywords, driving more organic traffic and increasing the return on investment.

    • Content Planner: The Content Planner feature helps businesses create a content strategy by identifying topic clusters and subtopics based on their target keywords. This ensures more comprehensive coverage of the subject matter, leading to better rankings and improved user experience.

    • Audit and Monitoring: SurferSEO’s audit tools help businesses identify and fix technical SEO issues on their websites, such as broken links, duplicate content, and poor mobile optimization. In addition, the platform offers monitoring capabilities to track website performance and changes in search engine rankings over time, allowing businesses to stay ahead of their competition.

SurferSEO is utilized by a diverse range of users, including content creators, SEO professionals, digital marketers, and businesses of all sizes looking to improve their search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to their websites. 

The platform’s user-friendly interface and data-driven approach to SEO make it an invaluable tool for those looking to optimize their content and stay ahead in the highly competitive digital landscape.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

SurferSEO offers three pricing plans for users, with varying levels of access to their features:

    • Basic Plan: Priced at $49/month, it includes essential tools such as the Content Editor, Keyword Research, and SERP Analyzer. 

    • Pro Plan: Priced at $99/month, it offers additional features like Content Planner, Audit Schema, and more queries per month. 

    • Business Plan: Priced at $199/month, it provides the highest level of access, including API integration, unlimited users, and priority support.

They also offer enterprise plans at a custom price.

SurferSEO offers an affiliate program that rewards partners with a 30% recurring commission for every customer referred to their platform. 

Affiliates receive a dedicated affiliate dashboard, a unique tracking link, and promotional materials to assist in promoting SurferSEO effectively.

2. Progress Sitefinity

Progress Sitefinity is an AI-powered SEO ranking tool for optimizing content. It includes content personalization, automatic image optimization, and real-time SEO recommendations. 

Sitefinity’s AI-driven insights will help you create tailored content that boosts user engagement and search rankings.

According to Capterra, Progress Sitefinity serves mid to enterprise sized organizations that need to quickly launch complex web projects in a highly efficient, scalable, and productive way across marketing and IT teams.

Users appreciate its user-friendly interface and robust content management features. Here’s a pros and cons review from Capterra:

Progress Sitefinity helps businesses in several ways:

    • Streamlined content management: A simple, drag-and-drop interface allows non-technical users to create and update content easily, freeing up IT resources.

    • Personalization: Its features enable businesses to deliver targeted content based on user behavior, improving customer engagement and conversion rates. 

    • Multichannel support: Sitefinity enables content management across various channels, such as websites, mobile apps, and social media, ensuring a consistent brand experience. 

    • Scalability: The platform supports the growth of businesses by accommodating increased traffic, content, and functionality without compromising performance.

Progress Sitefinity is used by many businesses, from small startups to large enterprises. Industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, and education can benefit from its robust content management and digital experience capabilities.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

Progress Sitefinity offers a range of pricing options tailored to the needs of different businesses. While the exact pricing details are available upon request, there are two main editions available:

    • Sitefinity DX: A cloud-based, managed services solution with pricing based on user and site requirements. 

    • Sitefinity DX = Enterprise Package: A self-hosted solution for small to medium-sized businesses. 

Progress Sitefinity does not have a publicly available affiliate program. However, they offer a Partner Program for digital agencies, system integrators, and technology partners who wish to collaborate and provide Sitefinity-based solutions to their clients. You can learn more about the Partner Program on their official website.

2. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one AI SEO tool. It covers content optimization, keyword research, and backlink analysis. 

This comprehensive suite includes tools like Website Auditor and Rank Tracker. They provide actionable insights to improve your content and monitor performance.

Here’s a feature summary according to G2: 

SEO PowerSuite assists businesses in several ways: 

    • Keyword research: Rank Tracker helps identify high-performing keywords to target in content and optimize metadata for better search engine visibility. 

    • On-page optimization: WebSite Auditor analyzes website content and structure, providing recommendations to improve on-page SEO.

    • Competitor analysis: SEO SpyGlass allows businesses to analyze their competitors’ backlink profiles, helping them understand their competitors’ strategies and discover new link-building opportunities. 

    • Link management: LinkAssistant simplifies link-building by finding potential link partners, verifying link placements, and monitoring backlink quality.

SEO PowerSuite suits businesses of all sizes and industries looking to improve search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic. SEO professionals, digital marketers, and web admins can all benefit from the powerful features provided by this suite.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

SEO PowerSuite offers both free and paid versions of its tools. The paid versions come in two main plans:

    • Professional Plan: Priced at $299/year, it is designed for individuals and small businesses looking to optimize their websites.

    • Enterprise Plan: Priced at $499/year, it caters to larger businesses and SEO agencies that require advanced features and reporting capabilities.

SEO PowerSuite provides a lucrative affiliate program that allows partners to earn up to 33% commission on every sale they refer. 

Their affiliate program offers promotional materials, detailed tracking and reporting, and a dedicated affiliate support team to help partners succeed in promoting the product.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is a cornerstone of effective SEO. These AI SEO tools will help you identify the best keywords for your content, optimizing your strategy.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a powerful AI SEO tool for keyword research. It offers detailed keyword metrics, SERP analysis, and competitor insights. 

It offers extensive data on search volume, keyword difficulty, and competition, providing insights into the potential success of targeted keywords.

Users appreciate its extensive keyword data and excellent customer support.

Ahrefs helps businesses in several ways, including:

    • Identifying valuable keywords: By providing insights into the search volume and competition, businesses can focus on targeting keywords with a high potential for driving organic traffic.

    • Analyzing keyword difficulty: This tool allows users to gauge the level of competition for a keyword, helping them understand the effort required to rank higher in search results.

    • Uncovering long-tail keywords: These are more specific, less competitive keywords that often result in better conversion rates. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer can help businesses identify these opportunities to improve their SEO strategy.

According to Capterra, Ahrefs is best for website owners, SEOs, marketers, agencies, in-house marketing teams, enterprises.

Ahrefs is widely used by SEO professionals, digital marketers, content creators, and business owners who aim to enhance their online presence, increase organic traffic, and improve search engine rankings.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

Ahrefs offers four pricing plans:

    • Lite: $99/month

    • Standard: $199/month

    • Advanced: $399/month

    • Agency: $999/month

Each plan includes access to the Keywords Explorer tool, with varying usage limits and features. Ahrefs also offers a 7-day trial for $7, allowing potential users to test the platform before committing to a subscription.

Ahrefs provides an affiliate program that allows users to earn a 20% recurring commission for each referral they bring to the platform. This means that for every new customer who signs up using your referral link, you will receive 20% of their monthly subscription fee as long as they remain a paying customer.

2. SEMrush

The SEMrush is an AI-driven keyword research tool that simplifies finding high-performing keywords. 

It features a vast database, search volume data, and keyword difficulty metrics. 

Its intuitive interface and AI-powered suggestions make it an essential tool for any SEO strategy.

Customers love its extensive features and reliable keyword data. Here’s a pros and cons review from Capterra users:

It offers a vast database of over 20 billion keywords, with information on search volume, keyword difficulty, and cost-per-click (CPC) data.

SEMrush assists businesses in several ways, such as:

    • Keyword discovery: Users can explore new keyword opportunities and optimize their content strategy to target the most relevant and valuable keywords.

    • Analyzing search intent: The tool helps understand the intent behind users’ searches, enabling businesses to create content that addresses their target audience’s needs.

    • Grouping keywords: SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool allows users to group similar keywords, making planning and executing content and PPC campaigns easier.

SEMrush is employed by SEO specialists, digital marketers, content strategists, and business owners looking to enhance their online visibility, drive organic traffic, and optimize their advertising budgets.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

SEMrush offers three pricing plans:

    • Pro: $119.95/month

    • Guru: $229.95/month

    • Business: $449.95/month

All plans include access to the Keyword Magic Tool, with differing features and usage limits. SEMrush also offers a 7-day free trial for users to explore the platform’s capabilities.

SEMrush has an affiliate program called the BeRush Affiliate Program. Affiliates can earn a 40% recurring commission on every new customer they refer to SEMrush. 

Commissions are paid monthly as long as the referred customers remain active and paying platform users.

3. inBeat

inBeat helps you to find niche-specific influencers and keywords. Its unique approach helps you uncover untapped keyword opportunities. This allows you to target the right audience for your content.

The platform offers a searchable database of influencers and tools for analyzing their performance, audience demographics, and engagement rates.

According to Capterra, inBeat is best for TikTok & Instagram Influencer Database for online brands and agencies.

Users praise its innovative approach to keyword research and user-friendly interface. Here’s a review from a G2 user:

inBeat benefits businesses in several ways, including:

    • Identifying the right influencers: By providing detailed insights into influencers’ niches, audience demographics, and engagement rates, inBeat helps businesses find the most relevant and impactful campaign partners.

    • Streamlining collaboration: The platform offers tools for managing collaborations with influencers, making it easier to track the progress of campaigns and measure their success.

    • Maximizing ROI: With inBeat’s performance analysis features, businesses can assess the effectiveness of their influencer marketing campaigns and optimize their strategies for better results.

inBeat is utilized by marketing professionals, PR agencies, brand managers, and business owners looking to leverage influencer marketing to increase brand awareness, drive engagement, and generate sales.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

inBeat offers two main pricing plans:

    • Growth: $35/month

    • Brand: $80/month

    • Agency: $200/month

Both plans provide access to the platform’s influencer database and collaboration features, with the Pro plan offering additional benefits such as unlimited influencer lists and priority support.

inBeat has an affiliate program that rewards members with a 20% recurring commission on all referred sales. Affiliates will continue to earn this commission as long as the customers they refer remain active and paying platform users.

Link Building and Backlink Analysis Tools

These tools enhance your website’s search engine ranking and overall online visibility. Here are three of the most powerful AI-powered SEO ranking tools.

1. Respona

Respona is an all-in-one digital PR and link-building tool that automates finding relevant content, identifying influencers, and pitching personalized outreach emails. 

This software streamlines content promotion and media relations, making it easier for businesses to improve their online presence and boost search engine rankings.

Respona helps businesses to grow their organic traffic, build high-quality backlinks, and establish strong relationships with industry influencers. 

By automating the outreach process and providing insightful analytics, Respona saves businesses time, resources, and effort, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their marketing strategy.

Respona is used by marketing professionals, digital PR agencies, SEO specialists, and content creators who want to scale their outreach campaigns, improve their link-building efforts, and enhance their brand’s online visibility.

Key features and benefits include: 

    • AI-powered prospecting: Respona’s advanced AI algorithms identify relevant prospects and opportunities, allowing businesses to build targeted outreach campaigns.

    • Personalized email outreach: The platform automates and personalizes email outreach to prospects, improving response rates and fostering valuable relationships.

    • Content promotion: Respona helps businesses promote their content by connecting with influencers, bloggers, and journalists in their niche, increasing visibility and traffic.

Collaboration and project management: Respona’s built-in collaboration tools and project management features enable teams to streamline their workflow and track campaign progress efficiently.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

Respona offers two pricing tiers to cater to the diverse needs of its users. The plans are as follows:

    • Starter: $99/month + $49/ 1 additional email account.

    • Unlimited: $399/month.

Respona offers a competitive affiliate program for its partners. As a Respona affiliate, you can earn a 20% recurring commission on each subscription you refer. 

Affiliates also receive marketing support, including promotional materials and access to an exclusive dashboard for tracking their progress and earnings.

2. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a versatile outreach and influencer marketing platform that enables businesses to find, engage, and manage relationships with influential people in their niche.

It offers features, including prospecting, email outreach, follow-ups, and performance tracking, to help users streamline their influencer marketing campaigns.

Pitchbox enables businesses to build meaningful relationships with influencers, increase brand awareness, and acquire high-quality backlinks. Here’s a feature summary according to G2: 

By automating repetitive tasks, Pitchbox saves time and resources, allowing businesses to focus on building strong partnerships and creating valuable content.

Pitchbox is designed for SEO agencies, marketing professionals, PR firms, and content creators looking to scale their outreach efforts, improve their link-building strategies, and increase the reach and visibility of their brands.

Key benefits of Pitchbox include:

    • Scalable outreach campaigns: Pitchbox allows businesses to create and manage large-scale outreach campaigns, reaching out to numerous prospects efficiently and effectively.

    • Personalized templates and follow-ups: The platform offers customizable templates and automated follow-ups to optimize response rates and build strong relationships with influencers and prospects.

    • Advanced prospecting: Pitchbox’s prospecting features help businesses identify and target high-quality prospects for link building, guest posting, and content promotion opportunities.

Integrated analytics: Pitchbox provides in-depth analytics and reporting, enabling businesses to monitor and optimize campaign performance, track link acquisitions, and measure ROI.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

Pitchbox provides a flexible pricing structure with three primary plans:

    • Professional: $550/month (billed annually) or $495/month (billed monthly) 

    • Enterprise: $1,500/month (billed annually) or $1,350/month (billed monthly) 

Pitchbox does not have a publicly available affiliate program at the time of writing. However, they encourage interested parties to contact their team for potential partnership opportunities or referral programs.

3. Moz

Moz is a comprehensive SEO software suite that provides tools and resources for keyword research, site audits, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and more. 

It offers a user-friendly interface and actionable insights to help businesses optimize their websites and improve their search engine rankings.

Moz helps businesses identify and target relevant keywords, uncover technical issues affecting their website, track search engine rankings, and analyze their competitors’ strategies. 

By providing data-driven insights and recommendations, Moz enables businesses to make informed decisions and enhance their SEO performance. Here’s a review from G2: 

According to Capterra, Moz targets the marketing departments of organizations in various industries. It can support small, medium, and large established enterprises to help streamline marketing operations.

Key advantages of Moz include:

    • Keyword research: Moz’s Keyword Explorer tool enables businesses to discover high-potential keywords, analyze search volume and competition, and develop effective keyword strategies.

    • Site audits: Moz’s Site Crawl feature identifies and resolves technical SEO issues, improving website performance and search engine visibility.

    • On-page optimization: Moz’s On-Page Grader tool helps businesses optimize their web pages for targeted keywords, enhancing search rankings and user experience.

    • Backlink analysis: Moz’s Link Explorer tool allows businesses to analyze their backlink profile, identify link-building opportunities, and monitor competitor backlink strategies.

    • Local SEO: Moz Local helps businesses manage and optimize their local listings, improving visibility in local search results and driving foot traffic.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

Moz offers four pricing options to accommodate businesses of varying sizes and budgets:

    • Standard: $79/month (billed annually) or $99/month (billed monthly)

    • Medium: $143/month (billed annually) or $179/month (billed monthly)

    • Large: $239/month (billed annually) or $299/month (billed monthly)

    • Premium: $479/month (billed annually) or $599/month (billed monthly)

Moz provides an affiliate program that allows partners to earn a 20% recurring commission on referred sales. The program offers a 120-day cookie window, meaning affiliates can earn commissions on any sales within 120 days of the referral. 

Additionally, affiliates receive access to promotional materials, performance tracking, and dedicated support.

Rank Tracking Tools

Rank-tracking tools are essential for businesses and digital marketers. It is used to monitor the success of their SEO strategies.

These tools provide real-time updates on website rankings. It allows you to make data-driven decisions and adjust your tactics accordingly. 

Let’s look at three AI SEO tools that have gained popularity.

1. Bright Local

Bright Local is a comprehensive local SEO software platform designed to help businesses improve their online presence and increase visibility in local search results. 

Here’s a feature summary by G2:

The platform offers a suite of tools, including local search rank tracking, citation building and management, review generation, and management, Google My Business (GMB) optimization, and custom reporting.

Bright Local helps businesses by providing various solutions to enhance their local SEO performance. These solutions include:

    • Tracking local search rankings: It allows businesses to monitor their position in local search results for targeted keywords and phrases.

    • Building and managing citations: These are crucial for local SEO, identifying and creating listings on relevant online directories.

    • Generating and managing reviews: This enables businesses to improve their online reputation and gain positive reviews on popular platforms like Google and Yelp.

    • Optimizing GMB profiles: This ensures they are complete, accurate, and up-to-date, essential for attracting and retaining local customers.

    • Providing custom reports: This is to track progress, measure success, and identify areas for improvement.

Bright Local is used by businesses of all sizes and industries that want to boost their local search visibility, improve their online reputation, and attract more customers from their target area. 

It is also utilized by digital marketing agencies and SEO professionals to help their clients achieve better local search rankings and visibility.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

Bright Local offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets. Their pricing plans are as follows:

    • Single Business: $35/month (or $29.17/month when billed annually)

    • Multi-Business: $60/month (or $50/month when billed annually)

    • SEO Pro: $90/month (or $75/month when billed annually)

These plans vary in terms of the number of tracked keywords, locations, 

citation sources, and access to additional features like white-label reporting and API access.

Bright Local offers an affiliate program that allows partners to earn a commission for referring new customers to their platform. Affiliates can earn a 20% recurring commission for the first 12 months of a customer’s subscription. 

The program provides promotional materials and dedicated support to help affiliates succeed in promoting Bright Local.

2. SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor is an advanced SEO analytics and performance tracking software designed to help businesses understand, track, and improve their organic search performance. 

The platform provides in-depth keyword research, competitor analysis, search traffic forecasting, and content optimization insights.

SEO Monitor offers businesses a range of features to optimize their search engine performance:

    • Identifying and tracking high-value keywords and phrases for the Business to target, helping them to rank higher in search results.

    • Analyzing competitor websites to uncover their SEO strategies and identify opportunities for improvement.

    • Forecasting search traffic based on current trends and optimization efforts enables businesses to make data-driven decisions.

    • Providing content optimization insights to help businesses create SEO-friendly content that ranks well and attracts organic traffic.

    • Integrating with Google Analytics and Search Console for enhanced data analysis and performance monitoring.

SEO Monitor is used by businesses of all sizes and industries that want to improve their organic search performance and drive more traffic to their website. 

Here’s a review from a G2 user:

It is also a popular tool among SEO agencies and professionals who require advanced analytics and insights to help their clients achieve better search rankings and visibility.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

SEO Monitor offers flexible pricing based on the specific needs of a business, with the following plans: 

    • Personal: $19/month

    • Pro: $49/month

    • Pro plus: $99/month

    • Enterprise: $199/month

The pricing depends on the number of tracked keywords, search visibility, and API access. To receive a custom quote, businesses are encouraged to contact the SEO Monitor team through their website.SEO Monitor does not have a public affiliate program. However, they have a partnership program where agencies and consultants can partner with SEO Monitor to provide their clients with advanced SEO insights and services. Partners may receive discounts, priority support, and other benefits.

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free, web-based tool provided by Google that helps website owners, web admins, and SEO professionals monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot their site’s presence in Google search results. 

Here’s a pros and cons review from Capterra users:

GSC provides valuable insights into how Google crawls, indexes, and ranks your site and identifies any issues that could impact search performance.

Google Search Console offers a range of benefits to businesses, including:

    • Monitoring website performance in Google search results, providing insights into impressions, clicks, click-through rates, and average position.

    • Identifying and fixing technical issues such as crawl errors, broken links, or mobile usability problems that can negatively impact search rankings.

    • Submitting sitemaps and individual URLs for indexing, ensuring that Google is aware of all your site’s content and can index it accordingly.

    • Receiving alerts for any manual actions, security issues, or other significant problems affecting your site.

    • Gaining insights into how users find your site through organic search, including the keywords they used and the devices they were on.

According to Capterra, GSC is an SEO tool that helps users measure their website’s search traffic and performance, resolve issues, and improve ranking in Google Search results.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google, and there is no cost associated with using it. 

Anyone with a website can sign up and use the tool to monitor and optimize their site’s performance in Google search results.

Google Search Console does not have an affiliate program, as the tool is free to use and does not involve any financial transactions or subscriptions.

On-Page SEO Audit Tools

These top on-page SEO audit tools enhance your website’s performance. 

Here are the three AI SEO tools that have been making waves in 2023 

1. Sitebulb

Sitebulb is a comprehensive website auditing and analysis tool designed to help businesses optimize their websites for search engines.

It crawls your website, identifies issues, and provides actionable insights to improve performance and search engine visibility.

It helps businesses by: 

    • Identifies technical SEO issues, broken links, and duplicate content

    • Provides actionable insights and prioritized recommendations

    • Offers visualizations for a better understanding of website structure

    • Improves website performance and search engine visibility

    • Increases organic traffic, conversions, and revenue

Sitebulb is used by various professionals, including digital marketers, SEO specialists, web developers, content creators, and agencies. 

The tool suits businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations, looking to improve their website’s search engine performance and overall user experience.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

Sitebulb offers two pricing plans to accommodate different user needs.

    • The lite plan is priced at $13.50 per month

    • The Pro plan is priced at $35 per month

All plans come with a 14-day free trial, allowing users to test the platform before committing to a subscription. Pricing may vary depending on promotions and currency conversions.

Affiliate Program Sitebulb offers an affiliate program allowing users to promote the tool and earn commissions on sales through their referral links. 

Affiliates can earn a 40% recurring commission on each successful sale for the lifetime of the customer’s subscription. The program also provides marketing materials and dedicated support to help affiliates succeed in promoting Sitebulb.

2. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a powerful and widely-used website crawler that helps businesses analyze and optimize their websites for search engines. 

It allows users to quickly audit, analyze, and identify potential issues that could negatively affect their site’s performance and search engine rankings.

It helps businesses by: 

    • Audits and analyzes on-site elements impacting SEO performance

    • Detects issues such as broken links, redirects, and improper meta tags

    • Prioritizes and addresses identified problems

    • Enhances website performance and search engine rankings

    • Results in higher organic traffic, increased brand visibility, and greater online revenue

Screaming Frog SEO Spider helps businesses by providing valuable insights into various on-site elements that contribute to SEO, such as meta tags, headings, URLs, and canonicals. 

Here’s a pros and cons review from Capterra users:

Many professionals use Screaming Frog SEO Spider, including SEO specialists, digital marketers, web developers, and content creators. The tool is suitable for businesses of all sizes, freelancers, and agencies offering SEO services.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

Their SEO service pricing is determined by the number of days required in a month to achieve the best results, which can vary based on the client’s objectives and industry competitiveness. 

They do not offer set packages; all their SEO campaigns are customized to meet specific requirements. Interested individuals can contact them to learn more about how their SEO service can help improve their business.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider does not offer an affiliate program. However, they provide various promotional materials, such as logos and banners, that users can use to promote the tool on their websites or blogs.

3. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO platform that offers a wide range of tools and features designed to help businesses optimize their online presence and improve search engine rankings. 

The platform includes keyword research, competitor analysis, website auditing, backlink monitoring, and rank tracking, among other features.

Moreover, it offers advanced features beyond the standard SEO toolkit, such as Social Media Management, Marketing Plan, and White Label options, that elevate your digital services to a new level of professionalism. 

The software generates automated professional reports, ensuring you stay on top of your SEO game effortlessly.

It helps businesses by: 

    • Offers a comprehensive suite of SEO tools for website optimization

    • Assists with keyword research, tracking, and content strategy

    • Enables competitor analysis and strategy identification

    • Provides website auditing and backlink monitoring tools

    • Improves search engine rankings, drives organic traffic, and increases conversions

SE Ranking is suitable for businesses of all sizes, freelancers, agencies, and marketing professionals who require a comprehensive SEO platform to optimize their websites and improve search engine rankings. 

The tool caters to many users, including SEO specialists, digital marketers, content creators, and web developers.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Program

SE Ranking offers multiple pricing plans based on the number of keywords users want to track and the frequency of rank updates. 

    • The Essential plan starts at $39 per month. This is best for freelancers and newbies.

    • The Pro plan starts at $89 per month. This is best for small agencies and teams.

    • The Business plan starts at $189 per month. This is best for mid-size agencies and businesses. 

They also offer a 14-day free trial, and discounts are available for longer billing periods (e.g., 20% off for annual billing). Pricing may vary depending on promotions and currency conversions.

Affiliate Program SE Ranking provides an affiliate program that enables users to earn commissions for promoting the platform. 

Affiliates can earn a 30% recurring commission for each successful sale generated through their referral links. The program also offers marketing materials, such as banners and text links, to help affiliates promote the platform effectively.


The dynamic world of search engine optimization is constantly evolving. Continuously harnessing the power of the best SEO AI tools can greatly enhance your digital marketing strategy. 

Each of the AI-driven SEO tools offers unique features and capabilities. Each is designed to help you optimize your website’s visibility, content quality, and user experience.

Remember that while these top SEO AI tools provide valuable insights and automation, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

As you dive into the world of SEO AI tools, embrace continuous learning and be prepared to adapt to the shifting tides of digital marketing. By doing so, you can unlock the full potential of these tools and drive organic traffic. 

Utilize this knowledge to grow your online presence while staying ahead of your competition.

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Our marketing diagnostic will show you areas you need to improve your marketing systems. 

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