The Best AI Graphic Design Tools

The ever-evolving landscape of graphic design is witnessing an explosion in AI-driven tools that revolutionize how designers work. 

These cutting-edge software applications save time and effort and empower designers to push the boundaries of their creativity. 

We will delve into a comprehensive list of the best AI graphic design tools available today, catering to novice and experienced designers alike.

1. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is an AI-driven graphic design tool that combines the power of Adobe’s suite of products with intelligent design features. 

This easy-to-use platform allows users to create professional-quality graphics, web pages, and videos in minutes. 

Adobe Creative Cloud is an extensive suite of graphic design tools, including industry-leading software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

The platform seamlessly integrates its various applications, allowing smooth and efficient workflows.

Adobe Creative Cloud gained more than 30,000 reviews from G2, here is one of them:

Creative Cloud helps businesses create professional and visually stunning designs for branding, marketing, and advertising purposes. The comprehensive toolkit allows businesses to easily manage and collaborate on projects, improving productivity and reducing the time required to complete tasks.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Adobe Creative Cloud offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different users. Individual plans start at $54.99/month, while Business plans begin at $84.99/month per license. Special pricing options exist for students, teachers, and educational institutions.

Adobe’s affiliate program offers an 85% commission on the first month’s payment for Creative Cloud All Apps subscriptions and an 8.33% commission on annual plans paid monthly. 

Marketing materials, resources, and tracking tools are provided to affiliates for a seamless experience. Simply sign up on the Adobe Affiliate Program page to join the program.

2. stands out in the crowded AI graphic design market due to its sophisticated algorithms that learn and adapt to the user’s design preferences, making it a highly intuitive tool.

The platform offers a comprehensive library of templates, fonts, and design elements that can easily be customized. Additionally, is known for its seamless integration with various platforms, making it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals alike.

The tool offers numerous benefits to businesses, including:

    • Saving time and resources: allows businesses to create professional-quality designs in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional design software.

    • Enhancing brand consistency: By utilizing AI-driven design suggestions, businesses can maintain a consistent brand image across various marketing materials.

    • Catering to diverse design needs:’s vast library of templates and elements makes it suitable for various design projects, from social media graphics to print materials.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing offers a tiered pricing structure to cater to different user needs:

    • Free Plan: This plan offers limited access to’s features, making it suitable for occasional users or those just starting.

    • Basic: Priced at $29/month, the Basic Plan offers unlimited access to all features and is best suited for professionals or businesses requiring frequent use of the platform.

    • Pro Plan: It is priced at $69/month. This is for entrepreneurs and small teams needing advanced editing and professional templates.

    • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for this plan is available upon request and is designed for large organizations with multiple users or specific requirements.’s lucrative affiliate program allows partners to earn a 30% recurring commission on all referred sales. Affiliates receive credit for sales made within 60 days of the initial referral. provides affiliates with various promotional materials, including banners, text links, email templates, and dedicated support to ensure success.

Affiliates can receive their commissions via PayPal or direct deposit, with a minimum payout threshold of $50.

3. Airbrush AI

Airbrush AI are digital art tools using artificial intelligence algorithms to generate unique brush strokes and patterns. These brushes can be used in various digital art applications, such as painting, drawing, and photo editing.

One of the main benefits of Airbrush AI is that they can create intricate and detailed brush strokes that would be difficult or impossible to achieve manually. 

For example, an Airbrush AI can generate a brush stroke that simulates the texture of a specific material, such as leather or wood.

Airbrush AI can also automate certain aspects of the digital art creation process. For example, an artist might use an Airbrush AI to quickly generate a background texture or fill in large areas of color. 

Here’s a review from a G2 user:

Overall, using Airbrush AI can help artists save time and expand their creative options in the digital art medium. As AI technology advances, we can expect to see even more sophisticated and innovative Airbrush AI.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Airbrush AI offers a free version with basic features, while the premium plan starts at $9.00/month for a monthly subscription.

The Airbrush AI affiliate program provides a 30% commission on sales generated through affiliate links. Affiliates gain access to marketing resources, such as banners and promotional materials, and analytics to track performance. Sign up through the Airbrush AI Affiliate Program page to become an affiliate.

4. Canva Pro

Canva Pro is an online design platform that integrates AI technology to help users create stunning graphics quickly and efficiently. 

Its intuitive interface, vast template library, and automated design features make it a popular design choice. 

Canva Pro combines an extensive library of templates, images, and elements with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The tool is well-known for its simplicity and ease of use, making it accessible to users with varying levels of design experience.

According to Capterra, Canva is designed for anyone who needs to create. Canva has solutions for individuals, small businesses, enterprise, not-for-profit organizations, teachers and students.

Here’s a pros and cons review from Capterra users:

Canva Pro lets businesses quickly create professional and eye-catching visuals for marketing, advertising, and social media. The platform’s collaboration features make it easy for teams to collaborate and share designs, improving efficiency and productivity.

Canva Pro’s AI-powered background remover and auto-generated color palettes further simplify the design process.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Canva Pro offers a free version with limited features, while Canva Pro is priced at $14.99/month for monthly subscriptions or $119.99/year for annual subscriptions.

Canva’s affiliate program rewards affiliates with a 100% commission on the first payment for new Canva Pro subscriptions and a 20% recurring commission on subscription renewals. 

Canva provides affiliates with promotional materials, tracking tools, and personalized support. To join the Canva Affiliate Program, sign up on their website.

5. Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker is an AI-driven logo design tool that helps businesses create unique and memorable logos. 

Wix Logo Maker generates customized logo concepts based on user preferences. 

The platform allows users to easily edit and refine logo designs with an intuitive interface and a selection of fonts, colors, and icons.

Wix Logo Maker enables businesses to create unique and memorable logos for their brand without professional design services. A well-designed logo can improve brand recognition and make a lasting impression on potential customers.

According to Capterra, Wix is best for anyone looking to bring their vision to life with a secure and reliable website. Whether you’re a self-creator, small business or large organization, you can do it all with Wix.

Users can generate numerous logo variations tailored to their preferences by answering a few simple questions. 

The AI engine analyzes the input and uses this information to provide customized design options that the user can further refine.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Wix Logo Maker offers a free version that allows users to create and download low-resolution logos. High-resolution logos and vector files can be purchased in the Basic plan at $20 or the Advanced plan at $50, including additional branding materials.

The Wix Partner Program allows affiliates to earn a $100 commission for every user who purchases a Premium plan using their referral link. 

Affiliates receive marketing materials, performance analytics, and dedicated support to help promote Wix Logo Maker effectively. Sign up through the Wix Partner Program page to become a Wix affiliate.

6. Visme

Visme is an all-in-one content creation tool that harnesses AI technology to create engaging visuals for presentations, infographics, social media, and more. 

Visme’s uniqueness lies in its extensive library of customizable templates, graphics, and charts, along with a user-friendly interface that allows users of all skill levels to create professional-looking designs. 

Additionally, Visme offers real-time collaboration features, making it easier for teams to collaborate on projects.

Visme helps businesses save time and resources by streamlining the design process. With its wide range of pre-built templates and easy-to-use editing tools, businesses can create visually engaging content without hiring professional designers. This ultimately enhances brand identity and helps in attracting potential customers.

Here’s a feature summary according to G2:

Its AI features include smart content blocks, automatic data visualization, and advanced infographic tools, making it a valuable resource for designers and non-designers.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Visme offers a free plan with limited features, while its paid plans include Standard ($14/month), Business ($25/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing). Higher-tier plans unlock additional features like advanced analytics, team collaboration, and priority support.

The Visme Affiliate Program provides a 30% recurring commission for every paying customer referred. Affiliates receive access to promotional materials, a dedicated affiliate manager, and real-time tracking through their affiliate dashboard.

7. Alpaca

Alpaca uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to differentiate itself from other graphic design tools. These algorithms allow Alpaca to understand the user’s design preferences and generate personalized design suggestions tailored to the user’s brand and style. 

Furthermore, Alpaca boasts a vast library of templates, design elements, and customizable assets, making it a versatile tool for professional designers and amateurs.

The AI-powered design suggestions save users time by providing high-quality designs within seconds, significantly reducing the time spent on brainstorming and iterating designs.

Alpaca’s AI algorithms ensure that every design created aligns with the user’s brand identity and style, leading to consistent branding across marketing materials and campaigns.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Alpaca offers three pricing plans to cater to different business needs:

    • Free Plan: Allows users to create a limited number of designs per month with access to basic templates and design elements.

    • Pro Plan: Priced at $19.99/month, this plan offers unlimited designs, access to premium templates and assets, and priority customer support.

    • Business Plan: At $49.99/month, this plan caters to larger businesses and design teams with features such as team collaboration, advanced analytics, and custom branding.

Alpaca’s Affiliate Program is designed to reward its partners for promoting the platform. Affiliates can earn a 30% recurring commission on each successful referral subscribing to a paid plan. The program offers various marketing materials, such as banners and promotional content, to help affiliates succeed in their promotional efforts.

8. Simplified

Simplified is an AI-powered graphic design tool that makes it easy for users to create professional and eye-catching designs without extensive graphic design knowledge or skills. 

With its smart and intuitive interface, Simplified allows businesses and individuals to design content that effectively communicates their brand identity.

Simplified features an AI-driven design assistant that helps users generate design templates and suggestions based on their preferences and needs. 

By understanding the user’s design intent, the platform provides tailored recommendations, making the design process more efficient and personalized.

By automating the design process, Simplified saves businesses time and resources, allowing them to focus on their core activities. The platform eliminates hiring professional graphic designers, which translates to cost savings for small and medium-sized businesses.

Here’s a review from a G2 user:

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Simplified offers three pricing plans to cater to different user needs:

    • Free Plan: Offers basic features with limited templates and design elements access.

    • Small Team ($24/month): Offers unlimited access to templates, design elements, and premium features, such as custom fonts and advanced design tools.

    • Business Plan ($40/month): Tailored for businesses, this plan offers additional features, such as team collaboration, project management, and priority customer support.

    • Growth ($100/month): This plan is best for bigger teams and high growth businesses.

Simplified affiliate program allows individuals and businesses to earn a commission by promoting the platform. Affiliates receive a 30% recurring commission for every customer they refer, marketing resources, and support to help them succeed. The program is free to join, with no minimum sales requirements.

9. Prisma

Prisma is an AI-powered graphic design tool enabling users to easily create visually stunning and professionally designed graphics. 

Prisma transforms ordinary images into stunning artworks by leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning.

Prisma offers a vast library of over 500 artistic filters, each meticulously crafted to replicate various art styles, from famous paintings to modern illustrations. These filters allow users to create unique and captivating visuals in just a few clicks.

The tool’s intuitive interface and advanced AI algorithms enable users to create professional-grade graphics quickly and efficiently. 

Users can easily experiment with different filters and settings to achieve the desired look without prior design experience.

With its quick and efficient AI algorithms, Prisma enables businesses to produce stunning graphics in minutes, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their operations. 

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Prisma offers both free and paid plans to cater to different user needs:

    • Free Plan: Users can access a limited selection of filters and create graphics with a watermark.

    • Scale: Priced at $29/month. The scale plan offers an ad-free experience, access to the entire filter library, and the ability to create graphics without a watermark.

    • Enterprise: This plan has custom pricing.

Prisma offers a lucrative affiliate program for marketers and influencers:

    • Commission Structure: Affiliates can earn a 30% commission on each sale generated through their referral link.

    • Payout Threshold: The minimum payout threshold for affiliates is $50, and payments are made through PayPal.

    • Cookie Duration: Prisma offers a 45-day cookie duration, ensuring that affiliates receive credit for sales generated within this timeframe.


Piktochart sets itself apart from other graphic design tools with its intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling even non-designers to create professional-quality graphics easily. Some of the unique features include:

Piktochart offers over 800 customizable templates, including infographics, presentations, social media graphics, reports, and more. 

This allows users to select a suitable design and make it their own with just a few clicks.

Users can create and save their brand kit, ensuring consistent branding across all designs.

Here’s a pros and cons review from Capterra users:

With Piktochart, businesses can create visually appealing content that effectively conveys their message and captures the attention of their target audience.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Piktochart offers various pricing plans to cater to different needs:

    • Free plan: Limited access to templates, 40 MB storage, and Piktochart watermark on the output.

    • Pro plan ($14/month: Unlimited templates, 100 GB storage, custom color schemes, and no Piktochart watermark.

    • Enterprise: This plan has custom pricing. It is best for organizations with 25+ members.

Tailored to large organizations with unique requirements, pricing is available upon request.

The Piktochart Affiliate Program allows users to earn a commission by promoting the platform. Key features of the program include:

    • Competitive commission rates: Affiliates receive a 30% commission on all sales generated through their referrals.

    • Cookie duration: Piktochart offers a 45-day cookie duration, ensuring affiliates receive credit for sales generated within that time frame.

    • Marketing materials: Piktochart provides a range of promotional materials, including banners and text links, to help affiliates succeed in their marketing efforts.

    • Detailed reporting: Affiliates have access to real-time performance data, enabling them to optimize their promotional strategies and increase earnings.


Integrating AI technology into graphic design tools has opened up new avenues for creativity and efficiency. 

The tools listed above are just a few examples of today’s many innovative AI-driven applications. 

By incorporating these tools into their workflow, designers can elevate their work to new heights and stay ahead of the curve in this competitive industry.

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