Amazon Product Listing

Having a highly optimized product listing is one of the most important determining factors for whether or not an Amazon seller is successful.

This crucial component of the business is often overlooked, however it leaves us with a perfect opportunity to seperate ourselves from the pack and gain an advantage over our competition!

If done correctly, it is possible to double or triple your sales by simply making a few small changes to your product page. Most product pages covert at about 10% meaning only 1 out every 10 people who visit the page actually end up purchasing the product.

If you apply what I am about to teach you, it’s not uncommon to see conversions rates soar up to 20 or 30%, resulting in a doubling or tripling of sales!

In this article, I’m going to show you how to set up a seller central account, create a new product listing, and finally, how to optimize that listing to maximize sales and conversions.

Amazon Seller Central

Before you can create a new product listing on Amazon, you will first need to create a Seller Central account here.

To get started, proceed with the following:

Register Now >> Start Selling >> Create an Amazon Account

You will need the following information to complete the process:

    1. Name or business name

    1. Address or business address

    1. Phone number

    1. Bank account

    1. Credit card

When it asks whether you would like to set up a “Professional” account or an “Individual” account, I would recommend that you go with the “Professional” option, otherwise, you will be billed per unit sold, as opposed to just having one small monthly fee.

New Product Listing

Let’s go ahead and get our first product listing created!

For now, let’s keep things simple and only input the essential info that Amazon requires, and we will come back to the listing later on to optimize it.

To get started, login to Seller Central and proceed with the following:

Catalog >> Add Product >> Create New Product Listing

First, you will need to choose the category that most accurately describes your product. Once you’ve selected your category, it will open up the listing details where you will need to fill out the following:

    1. Product title

    1. Brand name

    1. Product ID (UPC or EAN #)

If you need a UPC code you can go to It’s the most simple and

inexpensive way that I have found to get UPC codes for new products.

Next, you will need to set your price, enter in the condition, and select the fulfilment channel. You will also want to select the option where Amazon ships and provides customer service, otherwise known as “Fulfilment by Amazon”.

Fill out any other fields containing an asterisk, and then click “Save and Finish” to create your listing!

Listing Optimization

Trying to sell a product with only a rudimentary product listing will not work, and is a common mistake that many new sellers make.

Without optimizing the product listing, it will deliver little to no results. If you take the time to optimize your listing, which is simple to do, it will yield you amazing results.

So let’s take a look at what listing optimization is all about!


You can add up to 9 product images depending on your product category. You should always aim to use up as many of the available image slots as you can.

All of your product images should have a perfectly square, 1:1 crop ratio, and at least 1000 x 1000 pixels to ensure that they are zoomable.

The most important image is the first image. I would recommend using a high quality photo or 3D rending of your product on a plain white background, with nothing else in the photo.

For the remaining images, we can get a little more creative!

These slots should be used to showcase all of the different angles, functions, and uses of your product. Feel free to use lifestyle images, images with props, etc., for these.

All of your photos should be high quality, professional looking, and clearly articulate all of the benefits and features of your product.

Product title:

Next up are the text components of the listing, starting with the title!

Depending on what category you are in, you will be permitted anywhere from 50 to 200 characters.

We want our title to include our brand name, main keywords, main benefits, and main descriptors, while making it aesthetically pleasing at the same time. We do not want to repeat too many words otherwise it will look “spammy” or like we are keyword stuffing.

Let’s say your product is a dish drying rack and your brand name is “KitchenCare”, an example of a good product title might be:

KitchenCare Bamboo Dish Drying Rack – Collapsible and Foldable Plate Drying Rack Made with 100% All Natural Bamboo Wood – Large Size


Next, we have the bullet points.

You can add up to 5 bullet points which can contain up to 500 characters each.

The bullet points should be used to outline the main features and benefits of your product and to overcome any objections a potential buyer might have.

Use the bullets to really sell the product, while making sure they look visually appealing and include all of our main keywords for SEO purposes.

Since we can use up to 5 bullets, an idea might be to use each bullet for a new feature or benefit, and you can elaborate on each one with additional sentences.

An example might be:

100% ALL NATURAL BAMBOO – The KitchenCare Dish Drying Rack is made with 100% all natural bamboo wood. Our plate drying rack looks amazing and performs even better!


Next up, we have the description!

While the description has become less and less important over the last few years, it is still a great opportunity to help convert potential buyers.

Use the description to give a complete overview of your product. List all of the reasons why your potential customers should buy your product over your competitions. Feel free to get a little creative here and perhaps even tell a story about your product or your brand. It’s really is up to you!

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you include all of the main keywords for your product to supplement the SEO strategy.

If you have a registered trademark for your brand, you can apply for what’s called “Brand Registry”, which unlocks a feature allowing you to create a more comprehensive product description that can include logos, images, etc.

While this may help increase page conversion slightly, it’s definitely not crucial.

Other details:

The most important components are now complete, however I would highly recommend going through each page of your product details and fill in as much information as possible, such as; keywords, product weight, dimensions, materials, etc.!

Perfect, you’re now ready to launch your new product to the world!

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