7 Best writing platforms using AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed various industries. The writing domain is no exception. 

The emergence of AI writing platforms is revolutionizing how we create content. It helps us create articles and essays, stories, and codes. 

The impact of AI on the writing industry has been transformative. This is because AI writing assistants and AI writing software are becoming popular. These advanced tools enable writers to generate content more efficiently. It ensures grammatical accuracy and inspires creativity by suggesting ideas and themes.

AI writing platforms offer many benefits. It reduces writer’s block, enhances productivity, and tailors content for various audiences. The boundaries of what we thought was possible are being pushed. It allows us to access new dimensions of storytelling.

This article aims to introduce you to these great platforms. This will help you discover the best AI writing generator, free AI writing generator, and AI that writes code options available in the market. 

By understanding each platform’s unique features and strengths, you can make an informed decision and choose the AI writing bot that best suits your needs.

From seasoned professionals to aspiring writers, there’s something here for everyone. Join me as we explore these innovative tools and unleash your full writing potential.

1. Jasper

Jasper AI is a powerful AI writing assistant. It is designed to make content creation easier and more efficient. 

By leveraging advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques, this AI writing software provides users with a seamless and intuitive writing experience. 

Jasper’s extensive capabilities include AI-powered copywriting, pre-built templates, and team collaboration features. It helps users create content faster and more effectively.

Key Features

Jasper AI’s key features are tailored to meet the specific needs of our target audience.

Jasper AI generates high-quality, engaging, unique content across various industries and niches. With a few simple inputs, users can quickly generate articles, blog posts, and more using this AI writing generator.

    • Pre-built templates

Jasper offers many templates catering to different content types and styles. These templates simplify content creation by providing users with a structured format.

    • Team collaboration

Jasper’s team collaboration feature allows users to share their work easily. It provides feedback and edits in real-time. This fosters efficient teamwork and streamlines the content creation process.

Use Cases

Jasper’s AI-powered capabilities can revolutionize how businesses generate marketing copy and advertisements.

    • Advertising copy

Jasper AI excels at creating persuasive and engaging advertising copy. It helps businesses effectively promote their products and services.

    • Social media content

With the increasing importance of social media, Jasper AI can help users craft eye-catching and shareable content. It can drive engagement and growth on various platforms.

    • Press releases

Jasper’s AI writing assistant makes generating professional, well-structured press releases easy. This can effectively communicate important news and updates.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Jasper offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs. The plans include the following:

    • Creator: $49/month

    • Teams: $125/month

    • Business: Custom pricing

Each plan has different features and limits on the number of words generated monthly.

Jasper’s comprehensive affiliate program users earn commissions by promoting the platform. 

The affiliate program offers a 30% recurring commission on all paid plans for the referred customer’s lifetime.

2. OpenAI’s GPT-4

GPT-4, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4, is the latest iteration of OpenAI’s AI writing assistant. 

It builds upon the achievements of its predecessors. This includes the acclaimed GPT-3, which garnered widespread attention.

Key Features 

Here are some of the most notable features of GPT-4:

    • Advanced natural language generation

GPT-4 leverages its massive training dataset to generate readable and contextually relevant content. This makes it one of the best AI writing generators available today.

    • Customizable prompts

GPT-4 allows users to provide tailored prompts. This enables the AI writing bot to produce content that fits specific requirements, styles, and contexts.

    • API integration

GPT-4’s API enables seamless integration with various platforms and applications. This makes it an ideal AI writing assistant for developers and businesses.

Use Cases 

GPT-4’s versatility makes it an excellent solution for content creation tasks. 

Let’s explore some common use cases and the industries that benefit from this AI writing software:

    • Content marketing

GPT-4 can generate blog posts, articles, and other written materials. It also supports marketing campaigns, ensuring consistent, high-quality content that engages readers.

    • Social media posts

With advanced natural language capabilities, GPT-4 can create relevant social media content. This helps businesses maintain an active online presence.

    • Academic writing

GPT-4 can assist students and researchers in generating well-structured, coherent, and well-researched papers. This makes it an invaluable tool for academic pursuits.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

OpenAI’s pricing structure for GPT-4 consists of several tiers, including:

    • Free tier: Limited access to the API

    • Pay-as-you-go: Custom pricing based on usage

The exact cost depends on the number of tokens generated and the compute time spent on the API.

OpenAI did not have a specific affiliate program for GPT-4. However, you can watch the OpenAI website for any updates or new programs they may introduce.

3. Anyword

Anyword is an AI-powered writing platform that assists businesses and individuals in creating high-converting content for various purposes, such as advertisements, social media posts, and website content. 

It uses machine learning algorithms to generate and optimize copy, resulting in content that is both engaging and persuasive.

The tool is also ranked by G2 as one of the High Performers in 2023. Here’s a review from G2 user:

Anyword stands out with its proprietary Predictive Performance Score, which provides users with data-driven insights into the expected performance of the generated content. 

This lets users decide which content to use and helps improve overall campaign performance.

The tool helps businesses save time and resources by automating content creation. Generating high-converting copy drives better engagement and results in increased sales, leads, and overall ROI for marketing campaigns. 

It also provides valuable insights that help businesses fine-tune their content strategies.

Key Features

Here are some of the top features of Anyword:

    • Predictive Performance Score

Offers data-driven insights into the expected performance of generated content.

    • Multilingual Support

Generates content in multiple languages, catering to a global audience.

    • Integration

Easily integrates with popular marketing tools and platforms, streamlining workflows.

Use Cases

The tool is designed to help businesses optimize their marketing efforts, improving the performance of their ads, blogs, social media posts, and more. Here are three specific use cases for Anyword:

    • Ad Copy Optimization

Anyword enables marketers to create compelling ad copy that resonates with their target audience. The platform generates multiple ad text variations, allowing marketers to test and identify the highest-performing version. This can lead to increased click-through rates, conversions, and overall return on ad spend.

    • Email Subject Line Generation

Crafting the perfect email subject line can significantly impact open rates and, ultimately, the success of email campaigns. Anyword’s AI-powered algorithms can generate several subject line options tailored to the target audience, ensuring higher open rates and engagement.

    • Social Media Post Creation

Engaging social media content is crucial for brands to maintain a strong online presence. Anyword helps content creators and social media managers develop captivating posts for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Users can select the version that best aligns with their brand voice and message by generating multiple post variations.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Anyword offers several pricing plans, including:

    • Free: Limited features

    • Starter: $199/month (300,000 Word Credits) 

    • Data-Driven: $399/month (Unlimited Word Credits)

Anyword’s affiliate program allows participants to earn a 20% recurring commission for each referred customer. The program also provides affiliates with promotional materials and dedicated support.

4. Peppertype.ai

Peppertype.ai is an AI-powered content generator that helps businesses and individuals create various content types, such as blog posts, social media content, ad copy, and more.

It simplifies content creation, allowing users to focus on other aspects of their business or project. According to Capterra, the tools is best best for: 

    • Enterprise Marketing

    • Individual Content

    • Performance Marketing

    • Brand Marketing

    • Digital Marketing

    • PR

    • Social Media Marketing

    • Marketing Communication

Here’s a pros and cons review from Capterra users:

Peppertype.ai focuses on providing users with an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that generates high-quality content quickly. The AI engine is continuously updated, ensuring the content remains relevant and engaging.

Peppertype.ai enables businesses to create consistent, high-quality content with less effort and time, increasing productivity. This, in turn, can lead to improved brand awareness, higher customer engagement, and, ultimately, better results from marketing efforts.

Key Features

Some of the tools many key features are:

    • Content Templates

Offers a wide range of content templates, ensuring a suitable format for various purposes.

    • Real-time Collaboration

Allows multiple team members to work together on the same content in real time.

    • Autocomplete

Provides AI-powered autocomplete suggestions for faster content creation.

Uses Cases 

Peppertype.ai’s user-friendly interface and versatile features make it an invaluable tool for writers across different industries. Here are three specific use cases for Peppertype.ai:

    • Blog Post Outline and Ideas

One of the most challenging aspects of content creation is coming up with fresh ideas and structuring them effectively. 

Peppertype.ai can generate a list of blog post ideas based on the user’s input and a detailed outline to kick-start the writing process. This saves time and ensures a well-structured, engaging article.

    • Product Description Generation

E-commerce businesses require captivating product descriptions to persuade potential customers to purchase. 

Peppertype.ai can generate unique, informative, and persuasive product descriptions tailored to the target audience, making it easier for businesses to showcase their products effectively.

    • SEO Meta Tags and Descriptions

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for businesses to rank higher on search engine results pages. Peppertype.ai can generate SEO-friendly meta tags and descriptions, helping businesses optimize their online content and improve their visibility on search engines like Google.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Peppertype.ai offers a simple pricing structure with two main plans:

    • Free: Limited access to features and word generation

    • Premium: $399/month (3 users) and additional $49/month every new user

    • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Peppertype.ai offers an affiliate program for users who promote the platform. Affiliates can earn a 30% recurring commission for every referred customer subscribing to a paid plan. The program includes a dedicated dashboard, promotional materials, and affiliate support.

5. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered writing platform that helps businesses, content creators, and marketers easily generate high-quality written content. 

It leverages the power of AI to draft blog posts, ads, social media posts, and other content formats in a matter of minutes, saving users time and effort.

Here’s a summary feature according to G2,

Writesonic stands out for its wide range of content types and templates, user-friendly interface, and ability to create content in multiple languages. It also offers a unique set of tools that assist in brainstorming ideas, improving writing style, and optimizing content for SEO.

Key Features

Writesonic helps businesses save time and money by automating their content creation process. It allows businesses to produce more content without compromising quality, enabling them to maintain a strong online presence, engage their audience, and drive growth.

    • Multi-language support

Writesonic can generate content in over 20 languages, making it ideal for businesses that cater to a global audience.

    • Plagiarism checker

Writesonic incorporates a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure originality, helping users avoid copyright issues.

    • SEO optimization

The platform offers SEO-related features that help users optimize their content for search engines, increasing the chances of ranking higher in search results.

Use Cases

Some popular uses cases of Writesonic are: 

    • Blog content creation

Businesses can use Writesonic to generate well-structured and informative blog posts, which can help drive organic traffic to their website.

    • Social media content

Companies can leverage Writesonic to create engaging social media posts and ads that resonate with their target audience.

    • Email campaigns

Writesonic can be used to craft persuasive and personalized email content, improving open and click-through rates for marketing campaigns.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Writesonic offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs:

    • Free Plan: Limited access to features and monthly credits

    • Long-form: $12.67/month (billed annually) or $19/month (billed monthly)

    • Custom Plan: Custom Pricing

Each plan comes with different features and monthly credit allocations.

Writesonic’s affiliate program allows users to earn commissions by promoting the platform. 

The program offers a 25% recurring commission for every referred customer subscribing to a paid plan. Affiliates can access marketing materials and a dedicated dashboard to track their progress.

6. Rytr

Rytr is an AI-driven writing platform that assists businesses and individuals in producing high-quality content across various formats. 

It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to understand user inputs and generate relevant, engaging, and well-structured content.

According to Capterra, Rytr is designed for freelancers, writers, editors, and marketers, the cloud-based AI writing assistant helps create high-quality content, copies, product descriptions, long-form content, and more.

Here’s a summary feature from G2,

Rytr’s unique selling point is its focus on context and tone. The platform can adapt to specific writing styles and tones to suit different industries and audiences, ensuring the generated content aligns with the brand voice and resonates with the target demographic.

Rytr enables businesses to produce consistent, high-quality content without needing dedicated writing teams. This saves time and resources and helps businesses improve their online presence, establish thought leadership, and attract more customers.

Key Features

Rytr writing platforms are characterized by innovative features that help streamline content creation. Here are some of the essential ones:

    • Long-form content generation

AI writing platforms are designed to generate long-form content. Examples are blog posts, articles, and even ebooks. It allows you to save time and effort.

    • Pre-built templates

These platforms offer a range of templates for different content types. This ensures that your writing adheres to your industry’s best practices.

    • Multi-language support

Many AI writing platforms offer multi-language support. It allows users to create content in several languages.

Use Cases

AI writing platforms have a wide range of applications. It caters to the needs of various industries and users. Some popular use cases include:

    • Blogging

AI writing platforms enable bloggers to create engaging content. This ensures that their blogs stay up-to-date and relevant.

    • Email marketing

These platforms help marketers craft compelling email campaigns. This can drive higher open and click-through rates.

    • Product descriptions

AI writing platforms assist e-commerce businesses in creating persuasive and informative product descriptions. This can boost sales and conversion rates.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Rytr provides different pricing plans to accommodate user needs:

    • Free Plan: Limited access to features and word generation

    • Saver Plan: $90/year or $99/month

    • Unlimited Plan: $29/month or $290/year

Rytr offers an affiliate program allowing participants to earn a 30% recurring commission for each referred customer subscribing to a paid plan. The program provides affiliates with promotional materials, a dedicated dashboard to track performance and affiliate support.

7. Frase.io

Frase.io is designed to help users create high-quality content efficiently. It leverages the power of AI to augment the writing process, detect potential biases, and predict the performance of your content. 

According to Capterra, Frase.io is best for Marketing Agencies, content marketers, content strategists, SEOs, and growth marketers. Here’s a pros and cons review from Capterra users:

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Frase.io has quickly become popular among writers, marketers, and businesses.

Key Features

Frase.io’s key features set them apart from its competitors and provide a unique value proposition for our customers.

    • Augmented Writing

Frase.io helps users create well-structured, engaging, and relevant content. The platform’s AI writing capabilities include suggestions for topics, keywords, and phrases, providing a seamless and efficient writing experience.

    • Bias Detection

One of the standout features of Frase.io is its bias detection functionality. By analyzing the content, the AI writing software identifies potential biases. It offers alternative suggestions for a more balanced and inclusive perspective.

    • Performance Prediction

Frase.io’s performance prediction feature allows users to gauge the potential success of their content before it’s published. The platform uses advanced AI algorithms to estimate how well the content will perform. This is based on factors like readability, engagement, and SEO optimization.

Use Cases

The versatility of Frase.io’s AI writing platform extends to a variety of industries and use cases, including:

    • Job Descriptions

Frase.io’s AI writing assistant can help HR professionals create clear, concise, and engaging job descriptions. The platform’s augmented writing and bias detection features ensure that the job postings are inclusive and appealing to many candidates.

    • Recruitment Advertising

Frase.io’s AI writing generator can help businesses craft compelling advertisements that stand out. Users can fine-tune their content with the platform’s performance prediction feature. This is to maximize its impact and reach the right candidates.

    • Inclusive Language Training

Frase.io’s AI writing bot can train employees to use inclusive language in their communications. The bias detection feature helps users recognize and correct potentially discriminatory language. This promotes a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

2023 Pricing and Affiliate Marketing

Frase.io has several pricing plans available for users:

    • Solo: $14.99/month or $12.66/month (billed annually)

    • Basic: $44.99/month or $38.25/month (billed annually)

    • Team: $114.99/month or $97.75/month (billed annually)

    • They also feature The Pro Add-on for $35/month. You can get unlimited AI-Generated Words, as well as other premium features

Each plan comes with a different set of features and limits on the number of content optimizations and documents per month.

Frase.io offers an affiliate program enabling participants to earn a 25% recurring commission for each referred customer subscribing to a paid plan. The program provides promotional materials, a dedicated dashboard to track performance, and affiliate support to help ensure success.


The landscape of AI-driven writing platforms has evolved. It provides writers powerful tools to streamline their creative process and enhance their work. 

Selecting the right AI writing platform depends on your needs, budget, and specific goals. From content optimization to idea generation, these top 7 platforms are a testament to the vast potential of AI in revolutionizing the writing industry.

As we forge ahead into the future, AI-driven writing tools will continue to advance. It becomes even more sophisticated and intuitive. They are poised to reshape our writing habits further, empowering writers of all levels to produce high-quality, engaging content easily and efficiently. 

By embracing the ever-evolving capabilities of AI, we open the door to new creative possibilities and untapped potential in the world of writing.

Take advantage of these cutting-edge tools and elevate your writing to new heights. Explore the offerings of these top AI writing platforms, and be prepared to unleash your creativity like never before. 

Remember, the future of writing is in your hands—don’t hesitate to embrace the power of AI to propel your company’s work to greater success.

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